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A Service for Every Need

What We Offer

Early Intervention Program


We service children birth to age 5 to support  socio-emotional, cognitive, and language development, as well as strong parent-child relational bonds



We provide mental health resources and social supports to young children ages 6-11 to promote psychological wellness, positive behaviors, and global skill development


& Adolescents

We support psycho-social and emotional wellness in older children ages 12-17,

by providing them opportunities to learn adaptive coping and interpersonal skills 


& Parental Support

We offer family therapy and parent training to support and strengthen family systems.  We also promote parents skill development, to increase positive communication and parental effectiveness

Community Enrichment Activities

Workshops & Conferences

We offer psychological consultation services to partners and organizations seeking to inform their communities on topics related to mental health, trauma-informed practices, child and adolescent psychology, parenting, attachment and bonding, behavioral and emotional control, coping skill development, advocacy, culturally informed treatments, and a myriad of other topics.  Contact us today and let us know how we can help you support your community!

School-Based Support

It is our pleasure to join staff meetings to provide in-service trainings.  We also offer school-based therapeutic / counseling services at participating sites in our surrounding area.  Our goal is to support school personnel and students  - in their learning environments - to promote collective success and students ability to excel and achieve academic objectives with as few barriers as possible. Contact us and let us know how we can support your staff and students today!

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